Please read carefully the terms and conditions below before making your reservation. Next, please fill out the reservation form.

Terms and Conditions

All the activities proposed are operated by MOUNTANEERING PATAGONIA, hereinafter called MP. MP accepts bookings subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

All our prices are expressed in American Dollars and are subject to modification. Reservations made 60 days before the activity start are confirmed upon payment of 30% of the trip’s total amount. The balance of payment is due 30 days prior the trip starts Full payment must accompany bookings made within 30 days prior the trip starts.

After booking
Along with the all relevant receipts and the list of required equipment, will send you our waiver which we need you to complete, sign and send back to MP. We also need to be informed regarding allergies, dietary restrictions and any medical conditions we need to know about.

Booking conditions -All mountain activities are highly risky. Before starting the program we require our waiver completion (Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risk) and we strongly recommend travel & rescue assistance insurance.
-Participants are asked to be equipped with all the staff previously specified in the list sent by MP after booking. In case of incomplete equipment MP reserves the right to reject the participant from the program. If informed in advance MP can provide and rent the participants the missing equipment.
-Scheduled programs refer to open group departures. If MP does not reach the minimum number of participants required in order to run the trip, MP has the right to cancel the trip 21 days before the program starts. MP will notify it to the participants and provide one of the following alternatives:
1. Will offer a new quotation of the same program with less people.
2. Will offer an alternative program with a similar price
3. Will refund the total amount paid if the previous options are not available.
-MP and any of his guides reserve the right to modify or cancel any activity or service at any time due to weather, safety issues or other reasons without penalty to MP. The participants are required to follow the Guide instructions and recommendations.
-The participation of any person on any program is continually subject to the discretion of the Program Leader and MP
-In the Medical Form you are expected to clear any health problems that may affect your participation in any program.
-MP is not responsible for any action of persons or companies supplying goods or services as part of these packages or any extra costs due to complication or prolongation of any program for any reason.
-In case of an emergency, participants may, depending on program location, be liable for any rescue or evacuation costs incurred either on their behalf or as a result of their actions.
-Should a participant abandon the program because of illness or any other reasons, he will be liable for any additional expenses incurred to take him back to civilization.

Cancellations & Refunds Should MP cancel a program full payment will be refunded.
Should client cancel his booking for any reason cancellation fees will be applied:

What happens if the client cancels the trip? Read MP ( Mountaineering Patagonia) cancellation policy here:
The client will have the possibility to cancel the Tour in accordance with the following indemnity scheme (refunded or to be paid depending on whether payment was made and received):
• 100% refunded (or 0% paid) if the cancellation is notified in writing by email to MP up to 60 days before the first day of the Trip
• 75% refunded (or 25% paid) if the cancellation is notified in writing by email to MP between 59 and 30 days before the first day of the Trip
• 50% refunded (or 50% paid) if the cancellation is notified in writing by email to MP between 29 and 15 days before the first day of the Trip
• 0% refunded (or 100% paid) if the cancellation is notified in writing by email to MP less than 14 days before the first day of the Trip
Cancellation during the activity
The program could be modified and changed anytime if the Guide decides that meteorological facts, ,terrain conditions, fitness or technical level of the group, or any other dangers related are compromising the original program. The Guide has the right to modify the itinerary without previous notification to the participants.

All mountain activities are psychological and psychically very demanding. Bad weather and strong winds will require more stamina and energy than regular conditions, so every participant has to be aware of this and be sure that his fitness level and technical experience required, is according to the activity he wants to book.

For mountaineering trips we will transit glaciers, moraines terrain and scree slopes.
In case a participant is physical and/or psychical conditions are below the group/program average or he does not reach the required level, the guide reserves the right to expel him. This person will abandon the trip and will be taken safely back to civilization.

In none of these cases will be a refund of the amount paid for the program, and all extra expenses generated ( Extra guide, Hotels, transportation, etc) will be covered by the participant.

Limitations of liability MP gives notice that the services provided in connection with its programs, including hotel accommodation, transportations, restaurants and other services, are purchased from independent suppliers who are not affiliated with MP. For this reason MP and its employees and Guides shall not be liable for any inconvenience, negligence, delay, expense, bodily injury, loss, damage to property, death to person occasioned by the conduct of any Company or Person engaged in providing the services.
MP is not liable for injury or property damage due to forces of nature, breakdown of equipment, high altitude, vehicle accidents, strikes, lack or limited access to medical attention in remote areas, consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs, illness from food, criminal activity, failure of any means of transport to arrive or departure as scheduled, terrorism, quarantine, civil unrest, government restrictions or regulations.
MP is not liable for expenses not included in the program cost.
Reasonable changes in the itinerary may be made where deemed advisable for the comfort and well-being of the participants. The right is reserved to substitute hotels, modify the itinerary, reverse the order of places to be visited. Participants will be informed of any change in advance.

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